The Polish Poster School

From the 1950s through the 1980s, the Polish Poster School combined the aesthetics of painting with the succinctness and simple metaphor of the poster, influencing the international development of graphic design in poster art. Cut off from the West by communism, Polish artists were creating their own versions of film posters for the internal market that were artist-driven instead of studio-driven. The result was a golden age of words, slogans, images, and allusions using strong vivid colors sometimes culled from folk art, to create a concise inventive sense of aesthetic tension. This vivid collection contains works by Jerzy Flisak, Jan Lenica, Wictor Gorka, Waldemar Swierzy Witold Janowski & many others.  |  To navigate the portfolio: Mouse over an image for a preview, click for a full view, then use the arrows to scroll through the collection.