Flisak, Jerzy

JERZY FLISAK (1930-2008)

Illustrator, poster artist, graphic designer and set designer Jerzy Flisak graduated from Jose Marti High School in Warsaw and went on to study architecture at the Warsaw University of Technology. He made his artistic debut as a student in 1950 at a competition organized by the weekly magazine Szpilki, where he later became graphic editor. Over the next decades his illustrations were published in Świerszczyk, Płomyczek, Polityka, the weekly magazine Świat, and Przeglądz Culturally.

Flisak grew his passion for movie posters into a career in set-design and film animation, cooperating with the Animated Film Studio in Bielska-Biała. His style has been described as neglectful, non-aesthetic, causal and even "deliberately ugly" - yet its un-shapeliness and clumsiness combined with his inexhaustible humor is the source of great power in his work. Over the span of his career he received prestigious awards including the award of the Ministry of Culture for his achievements in satire, the award of the Chairman of the Ministers Council, the Szpilki award as well as awards in many competitions organized by the Museum of Caricature. 



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