Page, Simon C.



Simon C. Page is a British graphic designer based in London known for his striking geometric graphic designs. He has created promotional posters for the International Year of Astronomy and for the International Year of Chemistry (IYC). Page was born and raised in the United Kingdom and was interested in graphic design since he was a child. However, after primary school he pursued in degree in Applied Mathematics, eventually graduating in Applied Mathmeatics from Queen Mary University of London. After completing his education, Page joined a property company in a finance position and later got involved in programming and database development. It was there that he rekindled his love for graphic design while creating corporate presentations. In 2007, he won a poster design competition, setting him on his current path as a graphic designer.

Towards the end of 2009, Page learned that 2009 was the International Year of Astronomy and designed several posters on spec as a personal project. When the IYA saw his work they immediately contacted Page to license the series, many of which are featured in the Jim Hughes Collection. Page went on to design several posters for the IYC, each inspired by a different scientist, all to be featured on the IYC wesbite. Since 2009 Page has created posters, logos, graphics, and editorial illustrations for various organizations. In May 2012 he launched his first furniture and textile lines. Page's IYA posters were featured in the both Wired and The New York Times, who wrote "In an excessively cluttered aesthetic environment, Page practices the elegantly reductive, Swiss and Bauhaus-influenced design that he believes appeals to the scientific and non-scientific communities." 

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